Sunday, December 9, 2012

Happy festivities

Yesterday was a good day. The partying was fun. Especially Abraham had a great time at the birthday party he attended. The dinner with my husband’s conference buddy (he teaches at a university in Turkey but they hang out at philosophy conferences a few times/year) was great. I made lasagna with Bolognese sauce and bacon, a couple of salads and home baked focaccia. For dessert we had Swedish cinnamon rolls and other little treats. A group of Prof. husband’s colleagues joined us for drinks, and the evening got *very* late but interesting and fun. You might not believe me, but a room full of philosophy professors + drinks + good snacks = a recipe for an evening filled with inspiring ideas, thoughts and laughter. Their geekiness becomes particularly obvious when they, midst an intense existential discussion filled with wisdom and impressive arguments that only decades of serious study of ideas can produce, break out into high-fives over an ontological argument used wittingly in reference to Wittgenstein. (I’m improvising here, of course. It might have been a different argument in reference to another philosopher, or vice versa.)

This morning, I'm a bit tired, but feel good; not drinking sure has its perks. My philosopher - on the other hand - requires a lot of water, aspirin and a horizontal arrangement, but such is the price for this kind of merriment, I guess.

Oh, and yes, if you’re wondering about the argument and what it might have been… you’re so BUSTED! Philosophy geek!

Today I’m keeping my feet up – the boys want to put up the tree, but I’m thinking we might wait until Gaudete; we’ll see - until it’s time for yet another party this afternoon/evening. It’s the kind of party you don’t talk about here, because the people that would throw a party like that are not appreciated by a lot of people here the way they should be, since there is a conflict between this and their country. So, since talking about such a party might cause trouble, I won't. But I'm excited, anticipating fun with good friends and great food (really, you can't go wrong when the common culinary theme is "fried in oil"). Shalom, my friends.

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