Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Belly on stage

This message is brought to you in the middle of our two-day Christmas concert.

You haven’t seen me lately, because on top of everything else, like school, work, house, kids, Christmas parties, book club, and let’s not forget pelvic rest, etc. I’ve been attending dress rehearsals this past week. Last night’s opening concert went well, and I hope tonight’s final concert will be just as great, as Courtney and the boys are coming to watch me (and the rest of our choir) perform.

Me and my big belly performed all dressed up on stage. I even managed to get my hair to look nice last night, which – you have NO IDEA – is unusual, to say the least. I still felt the way I always do when pregnant; like a big, fat whale, but… a pretty one. As we walked past the audience to get on stage, a lot of people noticed my belly and whispered to each other, “Look! Something, something, pregnant!” however there was also a little girl, about the age of six, who pointed to me and “whispered” (I think the entire Assembly Hall heard it) to her mother, “Look, that girl looks like Hermoine!”

She didn't notice my belly, and she called me a *girl*! [happy, delighted snivel] AND witch, granted. But it’s a compliment, right?

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