Thursday, November 8, 2012

Half mission accomplished

Got some work done today. Failed to restock our kitchen. We were getting ready to go when I realized that our debit cards expired at the end of last month and that we had forgotten to go to the bank and pick up our new ones. The bank was closed for the day and we had no way of getting any money. A classic.

What did we eat? Courtney made corn bread for breakfast that we ate with eggs and gravy. We made smoothies out of frozen melon and strawberries, had McDonalds burgers for lunch, I found some kiwi hidden in the fridge that was perfectly ripe, and for dinner we found a pack of pasta and tomato sauce that we had with fresh bell peppers. Odd, but it fed the family. It’s amazing how much food we've managed to come up with in our house after we ran out of food.

Tomorrow we will shop. Inventive cooking and tons of work don’t go together very well.


  1. I have also been balancing the work/homeschooling mom thing this month. I only have a few months a year that my contracts show up, but when they do it's all at once. I just realized how bad the timing is because they are also at the onset of cold/flu season. I've had sick kiddos and me under the weather for over a week. I know, like you, that it will all get done somehow, but at times it really does make one wonder, "how?" and even "why?"... until the pay comes through. HAHA

    I know I don't know you in 'real life', Jennifer, but I have followed your blog through Cairo to now. I can relate to many of your challenges, though I haven't got out of our home country (yet). You're an amazing mom, and your sense of what is important in the moment is bang on. The work WILL come together when it's time. Our kids often need us right now, and we know that's the greatest honour in the world.

  2. Dear Kristi, I am so, very flattered! Thank you. And it's interesting to hear that you can relate to many of my challenges - it shows life is not so different, regardless of where you are, right? Hope you are feeling better and that you get through these busy times without too much trouble!