Friday, November 9, 2012

Finally: shopping done!

It’s going to take five business days for our new bank cards to arrive, which made shopping this morning a bit of a challenge: all we had was some cash left, and we were out of everything from laundry soap, toilet paper and flour, to salt, sugar, any kinds of cans and fresh produce.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and healthy snacks for three growing boys, one pregnant woman with cravings and a grown man - for an entire week – for under $140. It was hard: the laundry soap alone here cost $20 and the dish detergent $5, milk – we consume about 1 ½ L/day – cost $26 altogether (I know! It’s insane!), but we did it. Yes, really.

I wasn't able to get any of the quick foods I buy for busy work weeks, like hot dogs, frozen fries, frozen berries, fish sticks, ham for sandwiches, etc.; in fact, it will not be our most pleasant week food-wise, but I think we’ll get through it. We have to.

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