Sunday, July 29, 2012

Summer indoors activites

If you're not swimming in the sea, it's almost too hot to be outside during the middle of the day, so the kids have been spending a fair part of their summer vacation indoors - A/C blasting - doing arts, crafts, board games, Playmobil, Lego, instruments practice, iPad, Wii... Almost like a Swedish, rainy summer. Minus the rain, of course.

I too, have had to come up with projects in between jobs, and finally got around to setting up a school room. The room has always been there; it's supposed to be a maid's room, but of course we don't have a maid, and in lack of appropriate school room/office furniture we've been using it for miscellaneous purposes, like printing or storage. Over the past couple of months however, we've managed to get our hands on two desks, courtesy of moving neighbors, which made this amazing change possible.

The one thing I've disliked about home schooling the boys here is that because we've only had one table in the past, we've had to clean up our work for every meal and snack. Closing books, marking spots, and clearing the table 5 times/day takes time, is ineffective and boring. With our new set-up, the boys can leave their math/English/science/history/Latin/art books open while we eat breakfast or lunch!

I just need to get some things on the walls - we might still get a shelf from a moving neighbor - posters and pictures, and then I'll post some photos.

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