Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Post-Easter now-what-feelings...

Yesterday, the day after our Easter feast, I sat here on the couch and felt a bit sad. Melancholic and uninspired. All throughout Lent I thought that I would be happy after the Easter weekend, invigorated and spirited. Instead I felt like my strength – my chi - had drained away with all the feasting (actually, mainly the work it entails: cooking, dishes and cleaning up), and without any particular signs of appreciation from my family, it seemed like it was all just a bunch of work for nothing. Not to mention all that extra running I did, just so that I could eat some extra treats (that weren’t quite right anyways, because you can’t buy my favorite treats here). Sigh. Even spiritually I felt kind of the way you feel when you get to the end of a long, amazingly written and very exciting book, like David Copperfield. You love the ending, but finishing the book is upsetting, because, well, you are done with it - you go from complete and perfect satisfaction to nothing. Not that I am done with God, no, and I do realize that Easter is not the end; “Surrexit Christus, spes mea,” right? Still, I think I’m experiencing some kind of anti-climax here. A “now-what-moment.”

So; now what?

Where do you turn for inspiration? Do you read? What do you read? Do you do something special? What? Please share!

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  1. I often have this problem with Christmas and Easter. Unfortunately I am not very inspired this year to make the season last. My attitude is "get all this Easter crap outta here so I can have this baby." However, I am reading the book I got and it is great (I had my doubts because sometimes these inspirational things really fall flat for me). I think you can get it on your kindle.