Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter menu

Easter Eve (celebrated according to the Scandinavian tradition)


Roast chicken with spicy pasta salad with chili, red onion, and parsley, Scandinavian creamy potato salad, and tossed salad with cucumber, kumquat and cherry tomatoes

Dinner (served with a nice bottle of sparkling wine)

Gubbröra = Anchovy, egg, caviar, red onion and dill mixed with sour cream served on whole wheat bread with lettuce, smoked salmon with mustard and dill sauce, grilled chili and garlic shrimp, creamy scalloped potatoes, and pavlovas with raspberry and whipped cream for dessert.

Easter Day


Mimosas (made from the rest of the sparkling wine), eggs Benedict, and fruit salad

Dinner (served with a bottle of local red wine)

Roast lamb with artichoke, green beans and grilled cherry tomatoes, and roast potatoes. Radio cake (chocolate cake with almonds) and Lebanese sweets for dessert.

Because sometimes we feast.

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