Sunday, March 6, 2011

Putting my sewing machine to use...

As soon as I got my grandmother's sewing machine back, August and William jumped at the opportunity to learn how to sew, by making themselves some very useful Sith-Lord capes.

I have yet to find a shop that sells nice and decently priced fabric. There's a very cute shop down our street that has a lot of buttons, lace, crafting equipment, extra needles for my sewing machine, thread, etc. but they don't have a very good selection of fabric. The other day I went into a fabric shop on Hamra street and nearly fell down when she started quoting me the prices. For a cheap type of cotton fabric, which the store down our street sells for a couple of dollars a meter, the lady wanted $24 a meter, and that was after some imaginary discount she gave me. When I looked again, too shocked to speak, I noticed it wasn't just the same type of fabric but the exact same fabric as down the street.

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