Thursday, March 24, 2011

All done cast!

Today, Abraham and I:

- walked over to the AUB Medical Center’s orthopedic pediatric surgeon’s office in the rain – 5 minutes.

 -waited in the AUB Medical Center’s orthopedic pediatric surgeon’s waiting room – 42 minutes. I didn’t bring any toys because I figured a waiting room associated with anything pediatric would have toys or some kind of entertainment for children. There was nothing. Nada. So we looked at the passport pictures I had in my wallet, walked around the waiting room exploring the information leaflets they had there about colonoscopies (I kid you not), looked out the window and tried to spy red cars (0 - it seems you are required to drive a black car to enter the hospital premises), talked about what the doctor was going to do, and – I have to admit only Abraham was this energetic – climbed all over the waiting room furniture.

 -saw the AUB Medical Center’s orthopedic pediatric surgeon, who removed Abraham’s cast, looked at his x-rays and briefly touched his arm – 3 minutes.

That’s it. As Abraham put it,“Boo-boo all gone.” All the way home, Abraham sang “Bath-time! Bath-time! Bath-time!” and as soon as we got home he jumped in the tub. After two full weeks of can’t-get-your-cast-wet, he finally got to do one of his absolute favorite things: take a long, nice bath.

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