Friday, April 12, 2013

Extended newborn stage

Don’t get me wrong; although our baby’s preemie behavior sometimes worries me, I’m enjoying it to the fullest. The older boys so quickly turned into babies, but this time – not only are we already appreciating every moment more than ever, this being our fourth and last baby – we get to enjoy the newborn stage for a few extra moments. The cutest little sounds, movements, the tiny feet and hands, the curled up legs and arms, and that beautiful, innocent “fart-smile” as we call it, which is only an involuntary reflex, but oh so cute. All this usually vanishes between recovery, nursing, paper work and everything else that happens right after the baby is born, however now, we are blessed with an extended newborn stage. 

Silver lining. Extra sweet edition.

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  1. It's normal to feel worried. I've been reading up on PPD—rates of PPD are much higher with traumatic deliveries and NICU babies. Up to 70% of NICU moms experience PPD or PTSD. A little anxiety over your baby is absolutely normal; I am much more worried about Benjamin (still) than I was with the girls.

    Anyway; keep hanging in there. Keep enjoying your sweet boys. Keep taking care of yourself. My thoughts and prayers are with you. :)