Monday, May 21, 2012

The first cut is the deepest...

Dear HP Pavillion of 2008,

I found you at a Best Buy in Ft. Wayne, IN, almost four years ago, and it was love at first sight. You were my perfect match with your smaller screen, American keyboard, and basic functions.
Over the years, you have been my writing companion, social interactive companion, entertainment center, and later, my ideal colleague at work. How perfectly you adjusted your RAM to the translation software my job demanded. No matter what the installation required, you were always able to provide the most elegant solution.

Even when I didn’t handle you with care, you held out with your strong hardware, and survived a fall to the floor with just a few moments of screen connection loss, which you recovered from fully and almost instantly.

Over the past six months however, I noticed you became tired. It started with hot flashes – over heating, which runs in your family, I’ve learned, and then, your abilities deteriorated further; the DVD-rom stopped working entirely, the prt scr function vanished, and I’m sorry, but there’s no point in hiding it any more: you became senile, and forgot even the most basic things, like the fact that you have wireless LAN-drivers installed.

For a long time I closed my eyes and ignored the signs, but after a scare last week, where I had to restart you nine times just to get the essential functions to work, I accepted the reality: the time had come when we needed to go our separate ways. Although you have yet to break down entirely, you have to understand that without your memory, I can’t trust you with my work any more. “Quit while you’re ahead,” you once told me through one of those “Saying” sites; well, this is it.

You have been a faithful colleague – a companion - but it’s time for you to retire and for someone else to take over your hard work. A new laptop HP Pavillion is already waiting here on my table to relieve you of your duties, and you – my dear HP, my first - will finally get the rest you deserve after a long and faithful service.

Thank you for everything.

Your friend,

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