Sunday, February 27, 2011

Busy week and happy birthday!

Following our determination to keep busy and not get hung up on clouds or other disheartening bothers, we’ve been – you guessed it – busy this week. The boys made a push for it as far as school is concerned (or I guess I did the pushing and they the shoving), and I am very happy with their progress this year. They are excellent students, really. Because they’re doing so well academically we’ve been able to concentrate even more on extra-curricular activities, which means we all got a good amount of exercise this week (baseball, running, soccer, gymnastics, taekwondo, swimming, and tennis), as well as attended several social activities and made a lot of awesome food. We also watched “The King’s Speech” and other interesting movies and shows (it really did rain a lot this week!), listened to and played a lot of music, and produced some amazing art projects. My husband and the boys also performed some pretty wicked science experiments (or maybe that should be listed under academic achievements - it all blends in when you homeschool, anyways). Basically; they lit a small fire and place it under a glass in the microwave, producing plasma. To be honest, I was not very excited about it because many things could go wrong, and our microwave, my new Pyrex oven dish, and other things could break, not to mention the danger it posed to the boys. All went well, however, and the experiment was a success: the plasma really did look like an alien space invasion!

Then today we celebrated my husband’s birthday. The whole day it poured outside so we didn’t go anywhere (the boys played outside for a bit in the morning, but that’s it); we stayed inside and enjoyed Courtney’s new presents (a juicer, among other thing – have you ever tasted juiced lettuce? Yuck! "What else can we juice, honey?) had tapas (goat cheese wrapped in Parma ham, bacon wrapped dates, cherry tomato salad, cheese coins, baked brie, etc. – mostly courtesy of the recipes of Tina, the Swedish chef), the boys watched a movie and played a lot of games, my husband and I worked a bit, had champagne, sushi, shrimp and coconut cake. "Happy Deweeee!" Abraham sang (when we presented the cake to the birthday boy), and blew out all the candles himself, his second birthday still fresh in memory. So cute.

It was a truly decadent day, preparing us for another working week. Bring it on!

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